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Dayco uses digital to communicate its value proposition quickly and consistently with or without presence of sales rep.

  • Dayco Products is an automotive OEM and aftermarket product manufacturer known worldwide.
  • Wanted to use digital to communicate value proposition to prospects quickly and consistently whether or not a sales representative was present.
  • Scanning barcode on collateral directed people to microsite featuring short video and link to Dayco’s innovative Part Finder application.
  • Special print brochure with LED screen embedded wows decision makers and establishes Dayco as innovator.

 Strategy + Application

High impact marketing collateral

Barcodes were designed into trade show graphics, print ads and other collateral. Ads featured parts with the with richest data; scanning the code directed people to a microsite where they could watch a short video and download Android or iOS versions of Dayco’s Part Finder app. The time from initial action to Ah-ha averaged less than two minutes.

For C-level meetings and mailings, a special printed piece was created with a thin barcode and a small LED screen was embedded in it.  When the brochure is opened, the LED screen automatically comes to life and launches a short video demonstrating the DaycoApp.  After watching the two minute piece, recipients download the DaycoApp and scan the barcode which displays a part, all of its specifications and links to supporting content.


The piece was such a huge hit, clients reported that it caused recipients to immediately get up out of their chairs and check to see if their colleagues had also received a copy of the brochure. This piece in combination with other marketing initiatives changed the automotive industry’s perception from “Dayco, Who?” to “Dayco Wow!”

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