Category5 increased Flintco’s visibility and market perception and helped us achieve revenue growth of nearly 400%. That has definitely opened doors for us.
Dana Birkes, Former VP, National Marketing and Sales


  • Flintco was a well-regarded 105 year-old national construction company with a rich Native American heritage and an ambitious billion dollar sales goal
  • The company needed a way to differentiate itself from competitors since its primary method of earning new business was bidding on RFPs.
  • C5 identified the company’s unique position in the construction market and revamped its brand strategy, improving visibility and market perception to drive over 400% revenue growth.

Strategy + Application

Category5 wanted to focus Flintco prospects on the connection between the people doing the work,  the customer experience, and the quality of the construction product. C5 also aimed to link the Flintco brand with its Native American heritage, connecting it to the cultural beliefs, green building practices and building experience for which so many Native American cultures are known.

By redirecting the market’s focus, Category5 was able to help Flintco transform the perception of its brand to that of a company grounded in tradition and committed to both caring customer service and high quality, sustainable building practices.

To achieve this, C5 created a series of marketing communications ranging from show stopping holiday cards to inspiring marketing collateral featuring images of a Native American woman (instead of a man) and messaging that focused prospects on what it meant to work with Flintco in addition to the work they did.

Select projects:

Flintco emboss die cut card Work & Client stories 940 x 400 pixels

Smart production planning squeezes maximum product out of existing print run.

Flintco nat am male feature Work & Client stories 940 x 400 pixels

Smart production planning squeezes maximum product out of existing print run.

Flintco infographics crop-1 Work & Client stories 940 x 400 pixels

Infographic communicates Flintco’s unique building approach


Increased visibility and improved market perception opened doors to new work and enabled Flintco to achieve revenue growth of nearly 400%.

Postscript: Flintco was acquired by Alberici Corporation in early 2013 as part of a strategy to expand services for construction clients of both companies across a more diverse geographic market.


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