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Dayco Part Finder Smart Phone and Tablet App Drives Customer Connection

  • Dayco is a 106-year old international OEM and aftermarket auto parts manufacturer.
  • Company was looking for a way to strengthen connections with customers and put the catalog of Dayco parts at their fingertips.
  • Spend was redirected printing and mailing paper catalogs to development of part finder application offering easy access and rich supporting content.
  • ‘Dayco VIN Scanning Tool’ Named 2012 Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice

Strategy + Application

For decades, automotive dealers, retailers, installers and DIY mechanics have had to wrestle with six-inch-thick catalogs to locate the right part for a job. Many catalogs have been transplanted online but in a smartphone world having to go to a computer to look up a part seemed just as cumbersome.

Dayco wanted to ensure its catalog was always at the fingertips of its customers and engaged Category5 to design and create a mobile app that would do just that.

Available on both iOS and Android, the Dayco Part Finder app leverages innovative new technology that enables users at every point in the buying chain to bring up a complete list of Dayco parts for their vehicle with simple scan of its VIN number. Tapping the needed part displays options and information such as needed specs, routing instructions, links to installation videos, and more.


The app was expensive to create but its cost was offset by the six figure savings Dayco realized from no longer having to print and ship individual catalogs.

The app has not only dramatically expanded Dayco’s ability to connect with buyers at every point in the buying chain, it also was the recipient of Popular Mechanics Magazine’s 2012 Editor’s Choice Award.

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