Dayco image and sales catapulted forward by rebranding, new packaging and award winning mobile app.

  • Dayco Products is an automotive OEM and aftermarket product manufacturer known worldwide.
  • Its largest PolyRib® brand mark and packaging  was antiquated, positioning Dayco as “old-timey” and irrelevant.
  • Competitors had a ton to spend on marketing, had recently updated packaging, and four iOS and Androids apps already out in the market.
  • C5 created rebrand, squeezed down costs while improving quality through application of design and production expertise, and oversaw development of the DaycoApp.
  • Rebranding successfully repositioned Dayco an automotive OEM and aftermarket market innovator and DaycoApp was recognized for excellence by top award from Popular Mechanics magazine.

Discovery + Research

The Dayco PolyRib® brand represented more than 60 percent of Dayco’s gross profit worldwide but the brand and packaging was dated — even antiquated — positioning the Dayco brand as “old timey” and irrelevant.  Creating even more contrast, Dayco’s closest competitor recently updated its packaging (both wholesale and retail) and  its marketing budget was five times larger than Dayco’s. This competitor also had developed and launched four iOS (Apple) and Android apps into the the market.

Strategy + Application

To update the image of the PolyRib® line, Category5 redesigned the product’s brand identity and rebranded its packaging. C5 also led the development of iOS and Android versions of the DaycoApp, intended to provide specification and purchase assistance to every role in the buy line.

PolyRib® Product Rebrand

Through intelligent design, production and budget optimization strategies, Category5 was able to level the playing field for Dayco — for a fraction of their competitors’ marketing spend.

PolyRib® Packaging Redesign

C5 delivered a new packaging design that demonstrated significant improvement in package quality and perceived value with only a small increase in per unit cost.

Significant quality improvements included C2S premium SBS, increase from 2/c to 5/c plus special processes and finishes.  The packaging was designed to drop ship to Dayco manufacturing plants across the world who would then add their own custom imprint for their country / region.

By restructuring the ordering process and refining print production details, C5 was able to limit the increase in packaging cost per unit to less than 10 percent.  And the cost of overall improvements amounted to less than 2 percent of the product net cost.

 The DaycoApp

C5 oversaw development and design of the new DaycoApp for iOS/Apple and Android, which gave Dayco customers new and easy ways to get information to customers, wherever they were in the buy line.  The app made specifying and selling Dayco products a breeze for resellers in their buying channel.

The DaycoApp also made buying  the newly branded Dayco PolyRib® product line easy.  The app transcended all channels in the buying cycle and helped every Dayco customer access products quickly and easily — from the B2B check-writers to every customer derivative downline, including the end user and shade tree mechanic.

= Results

The impact of the new branding and packaging design and the DaycoApp was game changing for Dayco.  It catapulted Dayco from “Dayco who?” to “Dayco wow!” (The client’s words, not ours!)  Popular Mechanics also recognized the new DaycoApp with its coveted “Editors Choice Award” for its helpfulness, ease of use and innovation.

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Dayco PolyRib® 

Brand Redesign

Product Packaging

Product App

Before Redesign:


After Redesign:

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