Automotive OEM repositions brand as innovator of change with creative Facebook focused social media campaign.





  • Dayco is a 106-year-old International OEM and aftermarket auto parts manufacturer.
  • Just having emerged from bankruptcy, the company needed a way to let customers know that not only was Dayco very much alive and kicking, it also was innovating new technology.
  • A Facebook focused social media campaign was mounted to help audiences to connect the Dayco brand with innovation.
  • Campaign resulted in 1,500% increase in fans in just three weeks.
  • Today the Dayco Facebook page has over 10,000 fans and an average of 150 people listening.

Strategy + Application

C5 created a new image for Dayco’s Facebook page and positioned content to highlight two areas — the award winning Dayco Part Finder smartphone app and a timeline reflecting Dayco’s rich 106-year history. The page was loaded with human interest stories including video from a camera Dayco placed in an off-road mud race. (Extreme automotive sports is one of Dayco’s six divisions.)
To drive people to the Facebook page, C5 created an offer that invited visitors to “Like us on Facebook” and receive a belt-testing tool. The offer generated so much interest, Dayco had to hire people to stuff and fulfill the requests. Dayco also hired someone specifically to handle social media, and they did a great job interacting with customers and helping them to understand why Dayco matters.


C5’s changes to the Dayco Facebook page resulted in an incredible 1,500% increase in Facebook fan conversion over a three-week period, surpassing the Facebook fan numbers of every industry competitor.

Dayco Likes IconToday, the Dayco Facebook page has over 10,000 fans and an average of 150 people “listening” to the page at any one time.



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