Harp Services branding renovation drives 25% increase in customer requests for services in three months.

  •  After 20 years as a single service provider, regional electrical company Harp Services added plumbing and HVAC services and wanted to get the word out to the community about its expanded capabilities.
  • Harp’s identity as an electrical company had not only been reinforced through 20 years of advertising the electrical service offering also part of the company name and website domain.
  • C5 created a visual identity and extended it to graphics on the company’s fleet of vans and adding a promo for the new services on vehicles’ back door panels. C5 also reallocated Harp’s advertising budget to support an advertising campaign with creative media buys for network, cable, print and radio.
  • Efforts increased awareness of Harp Services’ logo as a national brand, driving double dip sales and a 25% spike in new business inquiries during the campaign.

 Strategy + Application

Brand Identity

Category5 worked with Harp to create a brand identity including new logo mark that could represent all three service offerings. This new branding was then immediately extended to graphics for the company’s fleet of vans, which had a promo for the HVAC and plumbing services on the back door panels of every vehicle.


Category5 also redirected the company’s annual advertising investment from standard yellow pages ads to a campaign composed of creative media buys that cross sold the electrical, plumbing and HVAC services through bookended 15-second spots broadcast on network and cable combined with radio and print ads that also were bookended.


The new website promoted the three service types, but was intentionally kept simple to discourage customers from trying to make complicated decisions without knowing how to properly match product ratings with their unique needs.


The result was an increase in awareness of the Harp Services’ logo as a national brand, driving double dip sales and a 25% spike in new business inquiries during the campaign. The C5 branding and marketing and advertising strategy played a key part in raising awareness and getting new business as well as in selling the second and third services to existing customers.


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