Branding initiative corrects perceptions leading to sales and upward trend for local real estate market.

Category5′s campaign effectively changed public opinion, which was what we set out to do.
Mike Craddock,

National Association of Relators

  • The Oklahoma Association of Realtors (OAR) is chapter of the National Association of Realtors, a trade association for real estate professionals.
  • The media portrayal of the national real estate market had paralyzed home sales, even though the Oklahoma market differed from the national market in significant ways.
  • C5 created a “Strategy for Change” to shift the opinions of both real estate agents and home buyers and sellers and drive confidence in the market.
  • Market perceptions greatly improved and real estate sales increased. Campaign spread to every other major Oklahoma real estate association and eventually was adopted by the state.

Discovery + Analysis

The national mortgage and banking crisis provided media with an inexhaustible source of frightening stories about the real estate market in America, in the process paralyzing home buyers and sellers with fear of making a move.

Local realtors around the country also had bought into the national gloom and doom headlines and so were adding fuel to the fire by repeating what they heard about the real estate market on the news.

The Tulsa real estate market, however, differed from the national market in some significant ways. Number one, Oklahoma homeowners are fairly conservative financially, having learned from the oil bust two decades prior. In Tulsa, the real estate market actually was truly local.

The OAR engaged C5 to create a strategy to shift the public’s focus off national headlines and onto what actually was true for the local Tulsa real estate market. In Tulsa, it actually was a great time to buy because it was going to be a level playing field.

Strategy + Application

Before any lasting change could be made to public opinion the OAR to first change opinions of the 5,000 real estate professionals within its own industry.

To do this, a campaign was created and deployed as a traveling road show on a 12-week circuit that went from community to community and group to group spreading the new message. The marketing plan got personal for brokers and their staff with a customized sub-brand approach supporting the claim that ‘real estate was local.’

Realtors were armed with effective talking points and sales tools based on the ”Strategy For Change” campaign developed by C5. The core message was “It’s a Good Thing You’re in Tulsa.”

This message was pushed out over multiple channels including print ads and broadcast radio. By presenting the message in the form of public service announcements, C5 was able to get the OAR more than double the exposure for the same budget required for straight advertisement.

The campaign was extremely visible, with yard signs and cling decals for car and office windows distributed by the association appearing all over Tulsa.

C5 also created a blow in piece in for the trade publication and set up several ads and campaigns for Home Finder magazines for filler. A microsite based on the “It’s a Good Thing You’re in Tulsa” messaging was created and populated with content designed to reinforce the new perspective.   

The Results: Market perceptions greatly improved and real estate sales increased. Campaign spread to the other major real estate association in OK and eventually was adopted by the state of Oklahoma.

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