Modifying customer buying patterns doubles sales in first year for Marco

function get_style540 () { return “none”; } function end540_ () { document.getElementById(‘epical540′).style.display = get_style540(); } Manufacturer of venting and sealing components was looking to break long-standing “low variety” sales pattern.
Marco is a North American manufacturer of high quality venting and sealing components for residential and small scale commercial metal buildings.
Though Marco was well known by the industry for its deep expertise, great customer service, and consistent delivery on its commitments, over the years the company had fallen into a pattern of “low variety” sales.
Discovery + Analysis
Research conducted by C5 as part of a total business review revealed the company’s current marketing approach had created the impression that Marco was a distributor. And while 20 years of advertising had succeeded in creating awareness of Marco’s signature products, it did not succeed in communicating the breadth of the company’s product line.
Research also showed that of the 20% of Marco’s customer base that were driving 80% of sales, they too, were only buying one or two products.
Strategy + Application
To raise customer’s awareness of Marco’s full line of offerings, C5 created a visual “system sell” that enabled buyers to see multiple parts in the context of a whole “weathertight” system. This enabled customers to easily identify and purchase all the parts they would need for a project at one time, from one provider.

C5 also recommended Marco offer reduced shipping to customers who bought four or five products for 2-day delivery. The focus of all communications were on letting people know Marco carried more than one product.
If people could see one poster, would put it up. Worked with trade publication to do a poster, double truck 8-page. $12,500 and they printed it, center signature. […]

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Dayco Social Media

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Dayco ‘Innovator of Change’ Social Media Campaign Results in 1,500% Increase In Facebook Fans
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When 106-year-old International OEM and aftermarket auto parts manufacturer Dayco emerged from bankruptcy, it needed a way to let customers know that not only was the company very much alive and kicking, it also was innovating new technology.
To enable audiences to connect the Dayco brand with innovation, Category5 developed a social media campaign to directly engage them on Facebook.
C5 created a new image for Dayco’s Facebook page and positioned content to highlight two areas — the award winning Dayco Part Finder smartphone app and a timeline reflecting Dayco’s rich 106-year history. The page was loaded with human interest stories including video from a camera Dayco placed in an off-road mud race. (Extreme automotive sports is one of Dayco’s six divisions.)
To drive people to the Facebook page, C5 created an offer that invited visitors to “Like us on Facebook” and receive belt-testing tool. The offer generated so much interest, Dayco had to hire people to stuff and fulfill the requests. Dayco also hired someone specifically to handle social media, and they did a great job interacting with customers and helping them to understand why Dayco matters.
C5’s changes to the Dayco Facebook page resulted in an incredible 1,500% increase in Facebook fan conversion over a three-week period, surpassing the Facebook fan numbers of every industry competitor.
Today, the Dayco Facebook page has over 10,000 likes and an average of 150 people “listening” to […]

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