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Why Category5?

  • You want to work with one of 17 firms nationwide that specialize in building product marketing.
  • Specifically, we specialize in green/sustainable building products.
  • Our CEO is a LEED Green Associate, meaning she has the technical knowledge to back up our recommendations.
  • Not only is our CEO LEED certified, but she also sits on the board of the United States Green Building Council, an organization that is integral in supporting green building internationally.
  • You need a business consultancy with full-service advertising agency capabilities.
  • We help you make money and grow your business.

Building product marketing that adds up to success.

Capture total product value

To ensure buyers understand a building product’s total value, brands need to reach beyond features and benefits and convey the product’s long term impact and implications of ownership.
About Category5

Stand out with buyers

Category5 believes building product marketing should “add up” in a way that reflects a product’s total value, enabling brands to prove that their product should be a buyer’s first choice.

Drive more sales

Calculating a building product’s interplay between 5 main forces results in a standout product profile that building product brands can leverage to educate buyers and sell more.

The 5Forces Approach™

Determines true value based on product’s unique interplay with 5 significant forces impacting all building products.

A building product specific marketing approach, 5Forces is based on a process for calculating a building product’s long term ownership benefit to customers. The equation is based on the product’s unique interplay with > costs, health, eco, codes and credits (tax, energy and LEED) — five forces that impact all building products.

The C5 Process



A careful study of your building product is made, with the express goal of uncovering the total value it offers to its buyers — your customers and consumers.



Taking what we’ve learned, we apply The 5Forces™ process for determining the building product’s true value, presenting it in a brand new light.



Next, we create a marketing strategy and plan that reflects the best paths for your business, including the best use of your marketing budget.



Plan set, it’s time to apply. Bonus: When you engage our sister company Malone Group Design to execute on tactics, C5 will oversee the process.



Knowing your product line and your manufacturing capability, we can continue to add value through new product design, product development, and more.

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What Clients Say

Category5 positioned Marco as a dominant player in our industry. Sales doubled within 12 months and Marco received four industry awards.
Mark Polumbus, Marco Industries