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Power Company Generates New Leads with Updated Marketing Efforts

Power Company Generates New Leads with Updated Marketing Efforts

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Energy is the key to the advancement of civilization some researchers say. It’s the catalyst that allows us to evolve. Category5 was that catalyst for Clifford Power Systems, Inc., a Tulsa, Okla.-based generator company looking to grow its revenue.

The nearly 30-year-old company had a goal of growing from a $50 million company to a $100 million company in 10 years. A new chief marketing officer (CMO), Dana Birkes, was hired in 2013 to spearhead the project. With such an aggressive goal ahead of her, Birkes sought out Category5.

The Category5 Approach

Category5 first conducted a brand audit to determine Clifford Power’s goals, identify challenges and potential white space opportunities, gain better insights into its customers and understand how this relates to the generator company’s competitors.

From the brand audit, Category5 discovered that Clifford Power:

Was using an outdated sales model
Needed to reassess co-branding relationships
Could be better served by a revamped corporate image

“It was a very methodical approach and well thought out in its execution, but it was also about pulling information from the right sources at the right time,” says Birkes of the process.

Since the brand audit is a benchmarking tool, Category5 came up with a design that conveyed the selling strategy in a graphic way, in the form of a visually compelling infographic. From this, “we could demonstrate quickly how we were being perceived and have the management team come to the same conclusion quickly,” she says.

“They didn’t make a decision for us, but gave us a forum to lead us in the decision-making process and got us on track to let us know what we needed to do,” Birkes adds.

Corporate […]

Flintco female broch cvr Work & Client stories 940 x 400 pixels

Construction Company Nails Billion Dollar Goal

Construction Company Nails Billion Dollar Goal

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Flintco was a well-regarded 105 year-old national construction company with a rich Native American heritage and an ambitious billion dollar sales goal
The company needed a way to differentiate itself from competitors since its primary method of earning new business was bidding on RFPs.
C5 identified the company’s unique position in the construction market and revamped its brand strategy, improving visibility and market perception to drive over 400% revenue growth.

Strategy + Application
Category5 wanted to focus Flintco prospects on the connection between the people doing the work,  the customer experience, and the quality of the construction product. C5 also aimed to link the Flintco brand with its Native American heritage, connecting it to the cultural beliefs, green building practices and building experience for which so many Native American cultures are known.
By redirecting the market’s focus, Category5 was able to help Flintco transform the perception of its brand to that of a company grounded in tradition and committed to both caring customer service and high quality, sustainable building practices.
To achieve this, C5 created a series of marketing communications ranging from show stopping holiday cards to inspiring marketing collateral featuring images of a Native American woman (instead of a man) and messaging that focused prospects on what it meant to work with Flintco in addition to the work they did.
Select projects:

Increased visibility and improved market perception opened doors to new work and enabled Flintco to achieve revenue growth of nearly 400%.

Postscript: Flintco was acquired by Alberici Corporation in early 2013 as part of a strategy to expand services for construction clients of both companies across a more diverse geographic market.

 Sure thing, you should not take Lasix if you […]

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Dayco Increases Automotive OEM and Aftermarket Sales Automatically with Digital

Dayco Increases Automotive OEM and Aftermarket Sales Automatically with Digital

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Dayco uses digital to communicate its value proposition quickly and consistently with or without presence of sales rep.

Dayco Products is an automotive OEM and aftermarket product manufacturer known worldwide.
Wanted to use digital to communicate value proposition to prospects quickly and consistently whether or not a sales representative was present.
Scanning barcode on collateral directed people to microsite featuring short video and link to Dayco’s innovative Part Finder application.
Special print brochure with LED screen embedded wows decision makers and establishes Dayco as innovator.

 Strategy + Application

High impact marketing collateral

Barcodes were designed into trade show graphics, print ads and other collateral. Ads featured parts with the with richest data; scanning the code directed people to a microsite where they could watch a short video and download Android or iOS versions of Dayco’s Part Finder app. The time from initial action to Ah-ha averaged less than two minutes.

For C-level meetings and mailings, a special printed piece was created with a thin barcode and a small LED screen was embedded in it.  When the brochure is opened, the LED screen automatically comes to life and launches a short video demonstrating the DaycoApp.  After watching the two minute piece, recipients download the DaycoApp and scan the barcode which displays a part, all of its specifications and links to supporting content.


The piece was such a huge hit, clients reported that it caused recipients to immediately get up out of their chairs and check to see if their colleagues had also received a copy of the brochure. This piece in combination with other marketing initiatives changed the automotive industry’s perception from “Dayco, Who?” to “Dayco Wow!”Sure thing, you should […]